Sunday, 2 December 2012

New blog!

Hi everyone! Thanks for all your comments on the last post - my new blog, Bohemian Bloomers, is up and running. I hope some of you will come and visit! <3


Hollie said...

Yay looking forward to reading lots of new posts from you :) x

Robert Edward Chaffins Jr. said...

Hello, I know I may have not left a reply before, but I have been reading your articles since you were on piczo.

P.S. You really set me straight, back then I was a stereotypical baby-bat.

Mayra Robledo said...

Yes of course I will follow that as well. Your posts are awesome! :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Amy,

I have been reading your blog for the last eight months (I only became a babybat this past year). I would like to thank you for all the work that you put into this blog and how it guided me on the right path when I was just starting out.

I can't wait to read your new blog!

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